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Spring Cliffhanger Show

Hey all!

Exciting news: KSDT's putting on a HUGE Spring event. Mark your calendars for April 30th. We're bringing in YACHT and a few other secret artists that we'll announce as we get nearer to the day of.

Tell your friends. We'll post the FaceBook event when it's made, but for now, like our FB page to keep updated.


KSDT @ 3:38 PM PDT, 2014-04-08 [ events | # ]

KSDT Grunge Memorial Show

Hey, it's time for another KSDT show! This year, KSDT gives you the Grunge Memorial Show at theChe Cafe on March 1st. Check the Facebook event for details as they update and swing by anytime and enjoy the sounds of:

Risa Rubin - http://risarubin.bandcamp.com/
I'm Starting Over - http://imstartingover.bandcamp.com/
Odakota - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Austin-Wasielewski/
Uncle Jesse - https://www.facebook.com/weareunclejesse
Wasted Days - https://www.facebook.com/wasteddays2014
Nimzo Indians - https://www.facebook.com/NimzoIndians
We Care - https://www.facebook.com/wearewecare
The Frights - https://www.facebook.com/frightsband

Free pizza and other activities provided.


KSDT @ 11:29 AM PST, 2014-02-27 [ events | # ]

Garage Sale

KSDT and the General Store are hosting a garage sale next Wednesday, January 22, 2014! It starts at noon and ends at sunset. Come by the Old Student Center with $5 and leave with as many records as you want. Sound like a good deal? Hell yeah it is. Come by, hang out, and check out the sale.


KSDT @ 5:09 PM PST, 2014-01-15 [ events | # ]

Craft Center x KSDT Revival 2013

KSDT is hosting an event in conjunction with the Craft Center on Nov. 1st in the Old Student Center. It starts at 6pm, so if you're not done having Friday Fun after Bear Garden, come by for free pizza, free music, and free crafts activities.

Event featuring live music from Waz, Uncle Jesse and We Care.


See you all there!


KSDT @ 2:10 PM PDT, 2013-10-29 [ events | # ]

We Care at the Loft

We Care will be playing at the Loft on Wednesday, October 16th. They're performing with Oliver Trolley w/ Hargo. The show is free to students ($8 for non-students), so come and show some support for one of the station bands! Doors open at 8pm.


KSDT @ 2:44 PM PDT, 2013-10-10 [ events | # ]

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