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AMOR VINCIT this Friday

Amor Vincit cuatro cabezas

We're literally less than a week away from Amor Vincit and we couldn't be more excited, here at the station. We're being sponsored by Matuse to hand out free event shirts. Come early if you want to be repine' this sick concert-wear.

Make sure you RSPV to that Facebook event and DEFINITELY come out to the event. 7PM at PC Place on Friday, June 6th. Don't miss out.


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PIZZARAMA this Sunday

Pizzarama promo

We're two weeks out from Amor Vincit and less than a week away from PIZZARAMA! Get super hyped because we've got pizza options from four of SD's local pizza pie joints (with vegan options as well). Along with over 1000 slices of pizza, we've got 12 bands jamming' around the clock of the event.

Time's been changed slightly, so it's on Sunday, June 1st, from 12p to 6p at the Che Cafe (support!) now.

Swing by and have a good time with us!


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KSDT presents AMOR VINCIT, a free show, featuring:

Del Promo

That's right UCSD undergrads. Come out on Friday, June 6th to PC Plaza to have an amazing time. RSVP to the FB event so we know who to expect (and for further updates).

Check out the individual artists here:

  • Del tha Funkee Homosapien
  • Zion I
  • Antwon
  • Jungle Fire
  • Show starts at 7pm and is right after Bear Garden, so don't miss out.


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    A week before Amor Vincit, KSDT presents PIZZARAMA.

    It's on Sunday, June 1st, from 1p to 7p at the Che Cafe (support!). Swing by to grab a variety of pizza options from around the area and enjoy the bands we've got lined up:

    Nimzo Indians
    Wasted Days
    Parakeets Spit for Love
    Doubt Aplomb

    Swing by and have a good time with us!


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    Retox coming to KSDT

    Hey all,

    Big news! Retox is coming to KSDT this Saturday, April 26th, at 2pm for an interview and to perform. Y'all should stop by, hang out, and enjoy the show.


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