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KSDT is a student-run radio station located on the campus of the University of California, San Diego. The station has existed since 1967, but has taken many different forms since then. In its current configuration, KSDT broadcasts solely via streaming MP3 on the internet. KSDT is a student run organization providing music and activities for the UCSD community and the greater worldwide web -- striving to promote independent music not available from mainstream sources and work to help the San Diego Community.

In addition to producing radio shows, KSDT maintains and operates studio facilities providing practice space for undiscovered area bands. KSDT uses its contacts in the music industry to produce campus appearances by KSDT approved acts producing live Studio Sessions for up and coming independent bands.


We accept music submissions in the form of CD or vinyl at:

Attn: Music Directors
KSDT - University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Dr. #0315
La Jolla, CA. 92093-0315

Please do not call to inquire on the status of your music submission. We recieve such a high volume of music that it is difficult to keep record. Our team decides what submissions are the best fit for the library. Some factors in their selection process are the music policy and projected listener appreciation. If we have decided to add your music, it will be recorded under the new adds section.
Thank you ~Music Directors

KSDT is a community service intended to promote emerging local artists along with new and independent artists on a national and international level. We encourage DJ's to discover and share new music.

Following these guidelines, KSDT discourages music that is readily available from other sources (i.e. mainstream radio, MTV and other commercial sources).* KSDT DJ's are expected to follow music policy guidelines.

* Note that NPR affiliates and other college radio stations do not count as mainstream radio.